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Batteries & Chargers

Batteries & Chargers
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Istick 20W

Istick 20W 5.5V Battery The Eleaf iStick 20W e-cigarette battery is a small yet powerful devi..

Micro USB Cable

Super Strong Micro USB cables available in Metallic Green or Silver (1 metre length)..

Ego t Battery

  Our batteries contain Desay A grade lithium cells as used in Joyetech and Kangertech b..

Ego T 1300 mAh Battery

Our Ego t 1300mah battery contains the best quality Desay A grade Lithium Cells however some chea..

Ego 1300mah Vision Spinner VV

The 1300mah  Spinner, Variable Voltage Battery gives you a simple to use piece of equipment ..

Avatar ICR 18650 2000mah 20A

Avatar 20A IMR 18650 2000mah flat top rechargeable battery perfect for Mods. Providing reliab..

Imren Batteries 2 pack

Newest Imren 20A/40A IMR 18650 3000mah flat top rechargeable battery perfect for Mods.Sold in Pac..

Ego Chargers

One of the most common causes of Battery failure leading to fires is cheap, low quality USB charg..