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10ml Ejuice

10ml Ejuice
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Arctic Ice Menthol

This is an ice menthol vape that will give you an amazing rush of fresh cool Arctic air.Our UK made ..

Banana Split

Tastes just like that favourite 70's pudding of a banana cut in half laden with vanilla ice cream - ..

Black Mist

A great combination of  delicious Blackcurrant berries with an aniseed aftertaste, like drinkin..


Just like vaping a mountain of fresh blueberries, this one is so delicious you'll not be able to sto..


The classic candy sweet flavour of old, reminds us of our youth.  after popping a coin into the..

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte flavour e liquid, a very pleasant creamy coffee Vape.Our UK made Viking Vape E liquid has..

Candy Cookie

Creamy and biscuity, this vape is like tasting spoonfuls of cookie flavour ice cream straight from t..

Cherry Menthol

This liquid provides a delightful cherry flavour with a refreshing icy mint aftertaste that will hav..

Cider Apple

Our Cider Apple flavour e liquid is a crisp, refreshing and fruity apple flavour that tastes just li..


Nothing beats a refreshing glass of cola on a hot day, this vape tastes just like that classic bever..

Cool Berries

A variety of berries with an added touch of refreshing menthol, fruity and minty.Our UK made Viking ..

Golden Elizabeth

A nice rich tobacco flavour reminiscent of a hand rolled golden variety.Our UK made Viking Vape E li..


Fruity with a fresh minty aftertaste. That's all that can be divulged about this e liquid. In order ..

Ice Cream

Sweet, smooth and creamy, this vape is like tasting spoonfuls of scrumptious ice cream straight from..

Ice Mint

Our Ice Mint e-liquid holds an extra cool refreshing minty flavour.Our UK made Viking Vape E liquid ..

Jack of Clubs

Hmmm remember that little Black Jack rectangular aniseed flavour sweet wrapped in black and white pa..

Lemon Sherbet

A sublime blend of zingy lemon zest with the perfect amount of sherbet to give it an extra little zi..

Pink Lemonade

A sublime blend of zingy lemonade with the perfect amount of raspberry to give it an extra little zi..

Red Mist

Amazing combination of Cherry and Red Berries with a touch of menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed. This ..

Strawberry Fields

A light, fresh sensation with a powerful intense aroma of freshly picked strawberries straight from ..

Summer Fruits

A delectable selection of summer fruit flavours, in this vape you'll get the initial flavour hit of ..

Tutti Frutti

A fruity explosion of strawberry, pineapple and banana, this is our best selling fruit E liquid.Our ..


Mixed berry flavour explosion, fruity and sweet. The flavour is reminiscent of a classic mixed fruit..